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Poet Student of the Month

Myrticea Gilbert

I'm better than that


What do you want me to do?
Be just like you?
You want more,
Pass that door you diddn't quiet make
Stop me from making any mistakes
Like you did at a young age having a kid,
When you had that kid you was full of regret, disgusted
With someone you haven't even met
But wait, stop. You had another
So how did that kid end up with a brother?
Now he really gets it you diddn't want the first one to begin with
Stomp around having a big hiss fit
Why don't you just deal with it?
It's your mess you made it for yourself
Now your screaming for someone else help
Made a hole than with the kids you diddn't want
Made them deal with it
It was already rough you diddn't have to be so tough
Wanting your kids to just like you
A lot of parents don't have a clue
Did we ask to be here?
No! but we came and
Now we live in fear of making mistakes that's all it takes
One mistake that choose your fate
Mama really gets in your face daddy really walks around
Thinking you'll never pass that door,
Giving up on you!
What do you want me to do? Be
More or better I'm still an image of you
I'm going to make mistakes but not
The ones you made I'm going to have better days
So get off my back cut me some slack
Because EVERYONE knows I'm better than that...